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electric fence for deer

electric fence for deer may be a practical solution because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of fencing.

an electric fence for deer can be many strands of wire supported on posts tall enough so the deer cannot jump over. this configuration is more expensive, unsightly, and difficult to maintain than the following design.

a single strand of wire only 2 1/2 feet or so above the ground could be effective, if the wire is baited with a deer attractant such as peanut butter or a sweet scent. the bait on the wire of a baited electric fence causes the deer to touch the low wire rather than just jumping over it.

when a deer has been shocked with a baited electric fence, it stays away from the entire area where it has been hurt. a surprising observation was that the wires of a baited electric fence for deer are not even necessary, which led to the invention of the wireless deer fence ® .

the wireless deer fence ® is a new, patented method guaranteed to provide satisfactory deer control or we will refund your money plus the return postage.

for information about training deer to stay out of your yard and garden check out the wireless deer fence ® or call 866-got-deer (866-468-3337).

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