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deer damage to yards and gardens: deer cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage every year to landscaping and gardens. every year in the u.s. over $70 million is spent on deer fencing and deer repellents in often futile attempts to control deer and limit the damage that they cause.

deer damage to agriculture: deer damage is a serious matter to farmers in some areas, with some estimates in the u.s. being over a billion dollars each year. deer are large animals and they can consume more than 5 pounds a day.

deer damage to forests and prairies in forests overcrowded deer are seriously and permanently damaging woodlands and prairies, causing some plant species to become extinct in some areas. deer eat the small trees and so the forest is not regenerated in the forests of the eastern u.s. orchid species have become extinct in some areas. overpopulated deer out-compete wild turkeys and other animals for space and food.
Deer attacks on humans and animals: Deer aggression and attacks are becoming more common as human habitats expand into rural areas. Dangerous situations can occur when a buck is in rut, when a doe is defending fawns, or when deer have claimed a territory as their own. Deer attacks are sometimes fatal for pets and humans. while most deer are afraid of humans, some learn that they are bigger than us.

Deer damage to automobiles and deer collisions cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage as well as injuries and fatalities each year. Deer are attracted to roadways because they like meadows surrounded by woods.

Deer damage from disease and other deer problems include the fact that deer themselves can carry several diseases of humans and animals. Deer also host the deer tick, which is also carried by the deer mouse and by 15 other animals, such as cats, dogs, cows, foxes, raccoon, skunks, and rabbits.

Deer damage from overpopulation: With good conditions the deer population can double every year. people create vast amounts of perfect deer environment with roads, power lines, agricultural activities, golf courses, and the expansion of the suburbs. also, we have removed their natural predators in many areas, and we provide them with a smorgasbord of menu items. without some means of deer population control, their numbers increase very rapidly often resulting in starvation and disease.

Economic impact of deer overpopulation deer cause in excess of 2 billion dollars of damage each year in the u.s., including damage to automobiles, agriculture, timber, and landscape plants. this does not include the billions spent on healthcare for the injured.

In the u.s. over 30 thousand people are injured and 200 people are killed each year in collisions with deer. it also does not include the irreversible damage being done to various ecosystems.

Most deer damage is due to their protected statusthe principal factor causing the excessive large deer population in the United States, is that deer are a protected species, and an artificial population level is maintained by deer management authorities to satisfy the demand for deer hunting. we have removed all natural animal predators of deer but the principle predators we have removed by protective laws are humans. before the arrival of the Europeans, Native Americans were perhaps the primary predator of deer.

To protect the deer on the Kaibab plateau in northern Arizona between 1907 and 1939, 816 mountain lions, 20 wolves, 7388 coyotes and over 500 bobcats were reportedly killed. this was followed by overpopulation and starvation of many thousands of deer.

When controlling deer damage, or attempting deer damage prevention; It's important to keep in mind that there is no good solution to deer damage as long as there are so many deer around. Check out the our incredible and humane method of decreasing population of deer around your home and garden.

garden deer control

garden deer control methods fail because deer, especially the whitetail, are smart enough and adaptable enough to quickly figure out that these things will not harm them.

garden deer control methods include odor repellents to treat the area, contact repellents to make the plants distasteful, ultrasonic repellents and other scare devices, water spraying devices activated by a motion sensor, growing deer resistant plants, strobe lights and noise making devices, stretching monofilament fishing line, perimeter fences and meshes 8-10 feet tall, electric fences and meshes, baited electric fences and meshes, and the wireless deer fence ® . the wireless deer fence ® works like a baited electric fence but there are no wires to deal with.

most of these garden deer control methods are ineffective or are effective for only a short time until deer adapt to them. deer are adaptable to coexist with humans even better than coyotes. a tall fence is effective but has limited applications prohibited in many areas. a baited electric fence permanently trains deer to avoid the area.

no garden deer control method is a substitute for deer population control. excessive numbers of deer will lead to starving animals which will make deer repellents less effective. not having effective deer population control is a crime against the population perpetrated by hunters and animal rights people

the wireless deer fence ® is a totally new, patented method guaranteed to provide satisfactory deer control or we will refund your purchase price.

for information about training deer to stay out of your yard and garden check out the wireless deer fence ® or call 866-got-deer (866-468-3337).

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