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deer pest control

deer pest control methods fail because deer, especially the whitetail, are smart enough and adaptable enough to quickly figure out when things will not harm them.

deer pest control methods include:

  • odor repellents to treat an area
  • contact repellents to make plants distasteful
  • ultrasonic repellents and other scare devices
  • water-spraying devices activated by motion sensors
  • deer-resistant plants
  • strobe lights and noise making devices
  • stretching monofilament fishing line (which should never be done)
  • dogs inside visible or invisible fences
  • perimeter fences and meshes 8-10 feet tall
  • electric fences and meshes
  • baited electric fences and meshes
  • wireless deer fence ®

most of these deer pest control methods are ineffective or are effective for only a short time until deer adapt to them. a tall fence is effective but has limited applications. baited electric fence and the wireless deer fence ® permanently train pest deer to avoid the area.

no deer pest control method is a substitute for deer population control. excessive numbers of deer will lead to starving animals, which make deer repellents less effective.

the wireless deer fence ® is a new, patented method guaranteed to provide satisfactory deer control or we will refund your money plus the return postage.

for information about training deer to stay out of your yard and garden, check out the wireless deer fence ® or call 866-got-deer (866-468-3337).

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