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organic deer repellents vs. natural deer repellents

definition of organic and natural deer repellents

the term organic deer repellentis often used interchangeably with natural deer repellentand to some degree they are the same.

organic simply means made of materials found in nature, but to be "certified organic" a deer repellent must be tested for complaince with the united stated department of agriculture (usda) regulatory framework governing organic products. the usda has established the national organic program (nop)to do this. manufacturers who wish to use the workd "certified organic" in reference to their products must comply with the usda standards.

in addition, the organic materials review institute (omri)is an independent non-profit organization that examines products to determine if the product is organic, and the omri also issues organic certification.

no certification is required for a deer repellent to be labled as a "natural" or "all natural" , a natural deer repellent may not be 100% natural and may contain manufactured substances whereas an "all natural" deer repellent should not contain manufactured ingredients.

the consumer should be aware that sometimes products are labeled in a deceptive manner and they should read the fine print.

types of natural/organic deer repellents

"organic" deer repellents made from thigns that occur in nature would include milorganite, predator urine, lion feces, fermented blood, feather meal, cat feces, and bags of human hair but these gross things would not be "certified organic".

a certified organic spray-type deer deterrent should be made of only certified organic ingredients like pepper oil, garlic oil, eggs, etc.

sources for organic/natural deer repellents

deer off ® , deer pharm ® , deer stopper ® , plantskydd ® , and others are certified organic deer repellent sprays. read the label caarefully. some products are called organic byt are not certified organic.

homemade organic/natural deer repellents

most homemade deer repellents are natural and organic and if they are made of certified organic ingredients they would be the equivalent of a certified organic repellent.

reliability of natural/organic deer repellents

spray-on deer repellents require constant reapplication. if used correctly they can work well (sometimes).

it has been shown that egg-based repellents worked better than predator urines and blood-based repellents.

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