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deer population / deer overpopulation

deer population facts

the u.s. deer populationhas exploded in the last 30 years. the deer populationin north america when the europeans arrived has been estimated to have been over 50 million. with uncontrolled hunting, by 1900, they had been reduced to less than � million. since being protected and reintroduced in many places, the deer populationhas rebounded to become a major deer overpopulation problemthat exceeds what the land can bear. presently there are one or more species found across the continental u.s., southern canada, alaska and northern mexico, and the deer overpopulationis estimated to now be higher than ever before.

deer population causes

people are creating vast amounts of the perfect environment for deer with roads, power lines, agricultural activities, golf courses and the expansion of the suburbs. in addition, we have removed the deer's natural predators in many areas and we supplement their diet with nutritious landscaping and farm crops. the most important cause of the large deer populationis that they are a protected species and this deer overpopulationis maintained by governmental game management authorities for deer hunting.

the deer population is rapidly increasing

fawning rates change greatly depending on the nutrition of the doe and the lack of other stressors. with good conditions, juvenile does will mate in their first fall and the mature does will often produce twins or triplets. by some estimates the deer populationcan more than double in one year. also, since hunting is not allowed in many areas the deer live in a totally predator-free environment.

damage associated with deer overpopulation

there are more than 1 million vehicle/deer collisions each year with over 100 human deaths and a billion dollars in repair costs along with billions in damage to gardens, landscaping and agriculture and permanent damage to woodlands and prairies.

deer population and lyme disease

reducing the deer populationin an area may actually not reduce the risk of lyme disease since the principal reservoir of lyme disease is in mice, chipmunks and other small rodents.

the wireless deer fence ® , deer repellent system, reduces deer damage in yards and gardens and allows people to co-exist with the deer.

deer population solutions
  • reintroduce predators: do you want them to release a few mountain lions in your neighborhood?
  • contraception: well proven to be not a practical solution except on small islands.
  • trap and relocate: this is like trapping and relocating rats, no place wants more deer. besides, many deer have died during this process when it has been attempted.
  • trap and kill or bait and kill using sharpshooters: unfortunately, this is really the only plausible solution for many entrapped deer in towns and suburbs.
  • remove or limit deer's status as a protected species.
  • no solution to the serious deer overpopulation problem will be possible until local, state and federal governmental agencies assume responsibility for this situation and implement a solution to this problem.

no solution to the serious deer population problem is possible until local, state, and federal governmental agencies assume responsibility for this situation and implement a solution to this problem.


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